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Dust Ruffle / Bed Skirt Guide

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A dust ruffle (also known as a bed skirt) is a decorative piece intended to hide the bed’s box spring, as well as the empty area underneath the bed. It hangs from the top of the box spring and it extends down to the floor, covering the 3 (sometimes 4) exposed sides of the bed. This distance is typically referred to as the “drop” or “height”. There are two basic types of dust ruffles – Shirred and Tailored.

Shirred Dust Ruffle

Sometimes also referred to as “gathered”, shirred is the most common style of dust ruffle due to its classic appearance. They are defined by a series of graceful folds that are created through a repeated bundling of the fabric along the top edge of the ruffle. Splits are worked into the corners to assist in the transition around the bed posts. Shirred dust ruffles are best suited to fit a dressy, formal, or traditional bedroom aesthetic.

Tailored / Box Pleated Dust Ruffle

Tailored dust ruffles provide a more modern and simpler alternative to shirred dust ruffles. They use one or more flat panels of fabric to create box pleats, which results in a more streamlined look. This allows the dust ruffle to blend in and not take away the focus from other treatments in the room, such as the curtains or drapes.

Dust Ruffle / Bed Skirt Guide

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