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How to Choose the Right Curtain Rod

Feb 23, 2021

Curtain rod detail

While choosing curtains or drapes for your home is usually a well thought out decision, it's easy to forget the rods that will accompany them. Choosing the right curtain rod means finding balance between function and style, while also making a positive impact on the rest of your home decor. This blog post will help you make sure the curtains rods you choose are dependable and fashionable.

Diameter One of the first things to consider when selecting a curtain rod is the weight of the fabric it needs to support. Heavy black-out drapes will likely require a thicker, heavier duty rod, while a smaller diameter rod can be used for lightweight sheer curtains or café curtains. Length The length of the rod is determined by your window size and the style of curtain. It's important to determine whether the curtains will sit either on the wall above the window frame (outside mounting) or within the window frame (inside mounting). Outside Mounting Typical bracket placement for these types of window coverings are 3” to each side of the window frame and 3” to 6” above the top edge of the window frame. Outside curtain mounting is the most common style and provides full coverage of the window for blocking out light or privacy. This style also creates the illusion of a larger window size. Inside Mounting Providing a modern look for certain curtain styles, such as valances, can be inside-mounted using utility or spring pressure rods. For this style the distance from the desired mounting point to the window sill will be the most important measurement. For a more in depth guide to curtain measuring, visit: Color & Finish Curtain rods come in lots of different colors and finishes. The curtain rod you choose should match one of two things: other items in the room or the curtain itself. For example, if you have stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, a rod with a silver finish will match nicely. Or if you have dark colored furniture in your bedroom or living room, a dark wood or wrought iron curtain rod would pair well. Additional Tips · If you're looking to layer window treatments, you'll need a double curtain rod that allows for two curtains to be hung. · Finials are the decorative ornaments or knobs at the end of the curtain rod, and they also come in a variety of styles. Just like the curtain rod itself, make sure these accessories align with your decorating sense. · Need more help? Our customer service team will be happy to assist you! Visit our website to get in touch.

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