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Bedding Styles Guide

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Bedding styles range from warm cozy comforters to sleek fitted or throw style bedspreads. Bedding adds a focal point to the bedroom that can be changed out from season to season. Understanding the fit and function of each bedding style can help you choose from our product offerings and create the look you want to achieve.


Throw Style

Throw style bedspreads can be made of woven or quilted materials that cover the bed all the way to the floor. Bedspreads are great for those who desire a traditional look in their bedroom. Throw style spreads hang over the bed and are generally sized to reach down to the floor. They come in a variety of weights, materials and pattern choices to complete the look of bedroom.


Fitted Style

Fitted style bedspreads utilize the same qualities as a throw style spread but create a more modern and contemporary look due the splits created at the bottom corner of the bed. This allows the sides of the bedspread to lay flat against the bed frame. Like the throw style, this style of bedding is designed to reach down to the floor. The Fitted style bedspreads are often made of a quilted material with a coordinating piping, highlighting the fit and finish of the bed.

Comforters / Quilts

Quilts are often made of solid, patchwork, or designer fabrics along with a cotton filling (batting) to allow for year round use.

Comforters are similar to a quilt but are usually enclosed in a “shell” made of down proof fabrics if filled with down or feathers. Synthetic or “down alternative” fillers do not require a down proof shell. This extra fill provides warmth and creates a comfortable look to the bed that invites you in on a cold evening.

Duvets or comforter covers allow the customer to simply launder the cover as opposed to laundering the entire comforter. Typically comforters are used by people looking for more warmth than a quilt may provide due to the difference in weight. We often see customers swapping out bedding for a comforter style as the weather changes in the fall.

Helpful Tip

Bedspreads are designed to be sized and used without a dust ruffle.

Bedding Styles Guide

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