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Top Down Bottom Up Shades

Dec 17, 2019

Top down bottom up shades

Top down bottom up shades can be freely moved up or down to cover or expose any portion of a window. There are a few different mechanisms on the market, but the most popular is cordless and is moved up or down by tabs on the bottom and top of the shade. These new designs allow for an increased level of control over light, insulation, and privacy. The shade can be positioned to cover the bottom half of the window to allow for privacy while still letting light in. In the evening the same shade can be moved to cover the top half of the window to block the blinding rays of the setting sun without obstructing the whole window. Top down bottom up shades are quickly becoming one of the most popular styles of window treatments.

Today, neighborhoods are often designed to encourage a sense of community between neighbors. Lots are smaller and homes are closer together. Knowing your neighbors and feeling a sense of community amongst those you live near is awesome, but having privacy when you desire it is also important. Top down bottom up shades are perfect for these types of neighborhoods. They allow you to have whatever level of privacy you are looking for at any given time, whether that is having your shades fully drawn, completely open, or somewhere in between. Top down bottom up shades are available in a few variations:Cellular Honeycomb - This style of shade is typically made of polyester and, as its name describes, is structured using cellular compartments that from the side resemble a stacked honeycomb. Due to their structure, these shades are insulating, which helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We carry top down bottom up cellular honeycomb shades in light filtering and blackout options. All of our cellular shades are cordless, making them child and pet safe. Roman - Roman shades are typically made of fabric and are constructed to fold into pleats as they are raised. They often are lined with an insulating backing, which makes them energy saving and light blocking. Our top down bottom up roman shades come with a removable valance to cover the mounted top piece. They are also cordless to ensure they are child and pet safe. Because of their versatility, top down bottom up shades are suited for pretty much any room in the home. This being said, there are a few places where we find them especially useful. If you live on a busy street, or close to other houses, using this type of shade on the first floor of your home will allow you to keep passersby from looking in while still enjoying the sun. Another great use of top down bottom up shades is in rooms that get hit with morning or afternoon sun. No one likes getting blinded while trying to enjoy a nice dinner with the family, these shades will eliminate that problem. The third most popular place people use this style of shade is in bathrooms. Again, they allow you full privacy while still allowing in light from the top portion of the window. Top down bottom up shades are a great option to consider when choosing window treatments for your home. They are practical and available in a range of styles suitable for many types of homes. For added style, top down bottom up shades can be paired with curtains or drapes, including valances and floor length curtains. If you have any questions about top down bottom up shades, please feel free to contact us.

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