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Throw Pillows - Add a Touch of Fall to Your Living Room Décor

Nov 12, 2018

How to Cozy Up Your Home

The living room is space for family time and a space to gather and relax after a long day. For a room that we spend so much quality down time in, it often goes untouched from season to season, even though we may be tired of the overall décor. Since most of us typically do not have money to go and purchase a brand new sofa and living room set every time we get tired of what we already own we are often asked how do you perform a design makeover in the living room without breaking the bank?

One easy fix is with decorative toss pillows. Accent pillows are relatively inexpensive and can easily pull out the colors you want to highlight in the room. We suggest using colors that make either the furniture pop or pull out the colors from the wall, carpet, or existing window coverings. Toss pillows that use floral patterns can be a great way to brighten the entire room, choose the colors that are easiest to co-ordinate, note that if you choose the most dominant colors that already exist in the room it will only bring more attention to these colors. If you choose the least dominant colors in the room to try and co-ordinate with the throw pillows it will help to bring attention to these tones and make them more noticeable. Throw pillows also give you an inexpensive way to change with the seasons in your living room. For autumn we often sell through orange, brown and earth tones. Pumpkins, leaves and Thanksgiving themed messages are always popular. The finishing touches to pull it all together are also simple things such as faux flowers, candles, or flameless candles, throw blankets, and even a new decorative lamp. Keep an eye out for an inexpensive decorative vase or a new wall hanging or framed art as they are also easy, relatively inexpensive products to find and select and can easily compliment the toss pillows and other colors in the room to truly give the customer the look of a complete renovation without the need to break the bank.

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