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How to Pick the Perfect Area Rug

Aug 16, 2021

How To Pick The Perfect Area Rug

Area rugs complete any room, bringing together the decor and furnishings for a cohesive look. They add warmth and comfort and are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and patterns. Keep reading for tips on picking an area rug that best meets the needs of your household!

Size & Shape

Selecting the "right" size and shape of your area rug is determined by several factors: the dimensions of the space, the furniture you'll be placing in it, the function of the space, and the overall look you're trying to achieve. A common mistake is buying a too-small rug. For your living room, center the area rug and ensure that the main furniture is resting on top of it. At a minimum, the front legs should be on the rug. For your dining room, choose a rug that’s larger than the size of your table. The area rug should also be big enough to account for the distance that dining chairs get pushed back when people sit or stand. For your bedroom, make sure the area rug extends past either side of your bed. This ensures you have a nice, cozy landing spot for your feet every morning. Don’t be afraid to layer rugs and use shapes other than rectangles!

Materials & Style

It's important that the rug you choose fits your budget, but also holds up with your daily life. If you have kids, pets, or suffer from allergies, it's important to find an area rug that’s durable and easily cleaned. Natural Fiber Rugs: Area rugs made of natural fibers like wool, silk, cotton, jute, sisal, or seagrass tend to be more durable than their synthetic counterparts. However, they're often pricier and may require professional cleaning. Synthetic Fiber Rugs: Area rugs made of synthetic fibers like polypropylene, polyester, acrylic or nylon are more affordable and usually easier to clean. However, their lifespan typically isn't as long as that of a natural fiber rug. Pile: The “pile” of a rug refers to its density, or thickness. Low-pile rugs have shorter fibers and loops, making them a good choice for high traffic areas. High-pile rugs have taller, looser fibers that create a plush, luxurious feel, but are also harder to clean.

Color & Pattern

Big and bold or soft and neutral? The area rug you choose can help define a space and protect your floors, but can also add some color and interest to a room. If your rug is going to play the starring role of your room, choose a distinctive color and pattern that can then inspire the wall color or other decor. If your rug is going to play a secondary role, keep the color neutral to complement other furnishings in the room. If your walls and furniture trend darker, a lighter color rug is a great way to open up a space. However, darker color rugs work better in high traffic areas and are better at hiding dirt or stains.

Whether it’s the inspiration for a room or the finishing touch, find a rug the meets the needs of your household at Port & Bay. If you have any questions or need decorating advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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