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Decorating with Winter Colors

Dec 8, 2020

Decorating with winter colors

As the weather turns colder and the days get shorter, it's likely you'll be spending more time indoors. Give your home a refresh and amp up the coziness with these winter-inspired colors!

Whether you love frosty hues or shades of warmth, Port & Bay has everything you need to update your home decor at an affordable price.


Calm, confident, trustworthy - blue is the most popular color in the United States. Icy blues can make a room feel tranquil and refreshing, while darker blues like navy or sapphire can feel bold and luxurious. Blue is versatile and also works great as an accent color when paired with neutral colors like white, gray and beige.


Dramatic, sophisticated, spiritual - purple has long been the color of royalty and in recent studies is a popular color among children. Deeper purple tones like plum or eggplant can add a bold, exotic flair to your home whereas lighter purples like lavender or lilac can be calming and elegant. Purple pairs well with warmer colors like orange and yellow as well as cooler colors like gray and blue.


Stability, endurance, harmony — green is a sophisticated color that we typically associate with nature. Because it is a cool color, green can have calming effects and evokes a sense of safety. Deeper shades like emerald or hunter green can add both intensity and elegance to a space. Shades in the blue-green range like turquoise or teal are often associated with clarity and rejuvenation.


Timeless, practical, elegant - gray is often associated with industrial environments, but when used correctly can create the most gorgeous interiors. Light grays are calm, cool and crisp while darker grays can be more dramatic and moody. For a sophisticated look, try pairing gray with white or other neutral colors.


Reliable, flexible, comforting - beige is a popular color for interior decorating because it is versatile and pairs well with an endless list of other colors, textures and patterns. Beige is a warmer, earthier color than gray, but can still feel sophisticated and elegant. Beige and cream accents will definitely cozy up your home this winter. Grab a mug of hot chocolate and some fuzzy slippers, and head on over to to find everything you need to get ready for winter. If you have any questions or need some decorating advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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